Neon Glow

A hot neon glow is currently radiating from the colour spectrum of Australian fashion this season, and if there’s one thing this culture can handle it’s the hot, hot heat. This kaleidoscopic playfulness of colour partied into the small hours of the morn through out the 1980s, in the form of transferable multi-tonal pieces such as wetsuits for the beach and bodycons in the clubs.

Far from letting the flame die out for this incandescent trend Australian Designer Alexandra Blak has revived the use of neon with an invigorating shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. Statement sculptured pieces epitomizes the essence of hedonistic pleasures without tipping into a frenzy of glow stick overload.

Hand carved Lucite; give a sophisticated edge, with a bold oasis of opulent semi-transparent colour. Wrist cuffs are embellished with futuristic spectrums of florescent pink, electric tangerine and zingy lime that glows with an unmistakable luminosity, while the use of a sci-fi influence lends itself to Blak’s bold chokers and bib collars for a modern sun warrior aesthetic.

Hand-knotted rope was used to contrast with black Lucite in necklaces, whilst super-sized looped earrings are reminiscent of a hyper-saturated, day-glow Barbie. No matter how it is used there is no denying the intriguing twist on colour and form, that some how, inexplicably forges a lust for all that allows for an adventure into the neon vortex of fashion.

Image from: http://www.alexandrablak.com.au/

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