Model Watch: Linn Arvidsson

Encapsulating ice blue eyes and silken, ethereal blonde locks Linn has fast created a buzz in the fashion industry. With a look so whimsical and fascinating it was only a matter of time before the Swedish born beauty was discovered, not even 15 at the time Linn was scouted by Mikas Models in her home of Sweden.

Since then it seems the whole world of fashion has been touched by her unique, porcelain elegance. At 511 Linn currently is on the books of New York based DNA Models, Why Not Models in Milan and Viva Models in London & Paris. Linn has featured in numerous runway show and editorials such as the Autumn/Winter issue of i-D magazine. If one thing is for certain great things are in the coming for Linn, the fairytale Pixie from Sweden.

Image from: http://www.mikas.se/

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