Graduating in 2007 from the University of Design, Pforzheim Miriam was selected for the impressive Master Course at Central Saint Martins in London. But Miriam had other ideas, deciding to launch her own label ‘Prose’. Since then the label has gone from strength to strength, with the collection showcasing at London Fashion Week in 2008.

I wanted to discover a bit more about one of the most exciting and up and coming designers of this generation, and who better to ask than Miriam herself. As to her beginnings, the future and which musician is a must know, now.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a designer and if not then what? A: No, it was about creative expression...creating something I could have imagined becoming a singer as well...

Q: What defines your collections style? A: PROSE´s vision of womenswear is a pure aesthetic language not bound to trends but timeless. Innovative, experimental surfaces, artistic prints with soft sculptural draping to form the handwriting of the label.

Q: If you could only pick one piece from your collection as your favorite what would it be & why? A: probably the skeleton leather dress for my personal use and my wardrobe.

Q: What inspires or influences the collections and how do you keep this look fresh each season? A: I get inspired from nature, I love to experiment with materials and surfaces and so far it seems I’m not getting tired of that.

Q: Where did the name Prose originate? A: Prose is a literary genre. Novels are prose, as are novellas, letters and even newspaper articles. I have named my label Prose, my aim being to express diversity and openness in the fashion statement I make.

Q: You showcased at London Fashion Week in September. Where do you next hope to be showcasing your collections? A: I’m planning to show constantly at LFW. Nowhere else is given so much support to young designers.

Q: What is your preferred music to listen to when you are working and have you discovered any new musicians or bands recently that we should know about? A: I’m totally in love with Lana del Rey!

Q: What kind of creative direction do you want to take your next collection in and why? A: At the very beginning of a collection I never know where the journey will take me too. There are so many different ideas and at the end some will compliment another and others will not make it to the final.

Q: In the next five years where would you like to be? A: Watching my label steadily and healthily grow!

Images from: http://www.prose-studio.com/

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