Gala Curios

Gala Curios Ancient Future Spring Summer 2011 photo

GALA Curios is a jewellery and accessories label by Sydney-based designer, Jasmine O’Loughlin-Glover. The S/S 11 collection ‘Ancient Future’ consists of beautifully whimsical pieces of jewellery featuring bows, laces, pearls and ribbons on necklaces and rings, created using a special technique of coating textiles in enamels and metals. O’Loughlin-Glover has sought her inspiration for her collections from her humble beginnings as a jewellery and textile design student to the ideologies of post modernism.
The label is a multifaceted one which thrives on creating delicate jewellery that juxtaposes its sourced materials with the forms in which they eventually take, whilst still remaining wearable and visually pleasing, proving that pushing boundaries really does create the well deserved recognition which makes GALA Curios stand out in the ever-growing jewellery market.
O’Loughlin-Glover has not only worked alone in creating her collections but has also collaborated with other well known Australian fashion designers such as Marnie Skillings for her ‘Jasmine Noir for Marnie Skillings’ collection, which allowed Jasmine to experiment with lace and leather acrylic materials in the 35 piece collection.
GALA Curios started as a highly anticipated solo label that has now turned into a renowned name within the fashion industry. O’Loughlin-Glover has managed to create her own path and has defined GALA Curios as not only high end jewellery line, but also as an accessible accessories line for all women that want a classic yet desirable piece that will withstand the disposable trends of today.

- Laura Matellis
*Older work of mine but work none the less

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