Asgar Juel Larson

Asger Juel Larson Spring Summer 2011 photo

A former student from London College of Fashion, Asger Juel Larsen graduated with a BA in menswear and has quickly identified himself as one of the most fashion-forward designers of the times, with his unique take on a medieval-meets-grunge, chain-mail style that has become iconic to his label.
Asger has taken a new approach to combining the new with the old, culminating in a collection that is not only futuristic but also innovative too.
Asger’s designs are made for men who want to be at the cutting edge of alternative fashion, and this is mirrored in his use of materials to create some of his one of a kind pieces such as leather, PVC and rubber cords. Since Asger’s first collection at London Fashion Week in 2009, his collection has grown stronger aesthetically and his Spring/Summer 2011 is widely regarded to be his strongest to date.
In what has been dubbed his ‘Welding Man’ collection, Larsen explores the possibilities of creating a collection of welded garments. There is a unique combination of elements, predominantly industrialization from the 1930s-era, set within a contemporary context of wearable designs that are the personification of the iron man.
There is however a careful balance between the intensity that he is trying to convey with his collection and the primitive influences on his craftsmanship. The collection is also rich with texture and features an assortment of burned wool, nappa leather, raw cut silk, mesh, quilted PVC and his now-trademark use of rubber throughout. There is little doubt that Larsen is making a real impact on often-overlooked men’s fashion.
Asger Juel Larson | Spring / Summer 2011 photoAsger Juel Larson | Spring / Summer 2011 photoAsger Juel Larson | Spring / Summer 2011 photoAsger Juel Larson | Spring / Summer 2011 photo
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