Derek Lawlor

Derek Lawlor Knitwear fashion designer photo

Since graduating from Central St Martins, Derek Lawlor’s collections have sparked constant intrigue from the fashion press. What makes Lawlor so unique is his totally unique methods of producing edgy and innovative knitwear.
London may never be short of fresh talent but it would be a crime to think of Derek Lawlor as getting lost in burgeoning flurry of new designers. Lawlor has his own signature technique of corduroying.
Drawing inspiration from Japanese body armour, Lawlor has a distinctive way of using wax cord, layered with mohair and moleskin to create soft feminine shapes, silhouettes and loops on beautifully sculpted cashmere dresses. His designs are a palette of moody blues and grays that are combined with bold splashes of electric coloring, showing his versatile and originality as a designer, with key pieces that offer a new take on bespoke knitwear for the modern woman.
Derek Lawlor’s latest collections stimulus was art deco architecture. Preferring to this time focus on varying patterns and geometric shapes that knitwear can create, over time Derek has transformed his cording technique to that of a much more refined and matured designer, whose pieces have evolved aesthetically to the epitome of sophistication.
Derek Lawlor Knitwear fashion designer photo Derek Lawlor Knitwear fashion designer photoDerek Lawlor knitwear fashion designer photoDerek Lawlor fashion knitwear designer photo- Laura Matellis
*Older work of mine but work none the less

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