Meadham Kirchoff

meadham kirchoff
The duo’s collection was a fantasia of snow-white bubble wigs, neon lips and glitter in abundance, with a hint of nursery rhyme inspiration added for all those rekindling their childhoods. Layers of glittery rubbers and frills created an entrancing cacophony of colors and clashing prints made up through layers of pompom dresses constructed of opulent ostrich feathers which came in peppermint green and lilac, and cardigans adorned with oversized hearts and teddy bear faces.
Along side this whirlwind of fun came leather jackets tailored to perfection, mixed with tartan gymslips and lace-edged brocade dresses all in the most sugary sweetest of colors. Finally the duo had exaggerated shoulders and hips that had the faintest essence of avant-garde nonchalance that accentuated the shape of the huge ruffle-bottomed lace knickers and puff ball sleeves that were seen through out the collection.

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